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    Prepare for Surgery

    Follow the recommended Protocol

    1) 12 hours pre-surgery consume (1)-(2) 12 oz. bottle(s)

    2) 2 hours pre-surgery consume (1) 12 oz. bottle

    3) Post surgery consume (1) 12 oz. bottle

    ‘NHANCED™ Recovery is a unique, ready-to-drink beverage that meets the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and ERAS recommended guidelines. ‘NHANCED Recovery utilizes natural carbohydrate sources, phytonutrients from plant sources, and other micronutrients including electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and nucleotides. This great tasting product was developed to reduce starvation prior to surgery and enhance the surgical outcome for every patient.

    Why drink 'NHANCED™ before surgery?

    ‘NHANCED™ Recovery was created by medical professionals to improve patient outcomes & standardize the hydration component within the perioperative ERAS protocols.

    Carbohydrates to Alleviate Hunger.

    ‘NHANCED™ was formulated with patients in mind. Great tasting and a source of nourishment, the pre-surgical beverage will help decrease the starvation symptoms that come from fasting before a procedure.

    Supplements Hydration

    With any surgical procedure, patient hydration is always a concern. 'NHANCED™ delivers additional electrolytes to support hydration.

    Aids in a Speedy Recovery

    Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, nucleotides, and phytonutrients for metabolic function, the superior formula aids in a speedy recovery.

    About New Age.

    Healthy Beverages. Healthy Benefits

    New Age Beverages’ brands of nutrition drinks achieve the impossible: great health with great flavor. A Health Sciences division was founded in 2017 to combine healthy beverages with researched supported formulations to address common consumer health needs.

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    Boost immunity & support digestion.

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    Relax Your Body.

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