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    Coco Libre 

    Where does Coco Libre get its coconuts? 
    The Philippines is more than 8,000 miles away from California, where Coco Libre beverages are made. Shipping concentrated coconut water and then manufacturing in the U.S. is actually better for the planet, for food safety and for product quality.
    Coco Libre Coconut Water is....
    Organic? Yes, certified USDA Organic.
    Non-GMO? Yes, verified by the Non-GMO Project.
    Kosher? Yes, certified by the Orthodox Union, the most widely recognized kosher symbol in the world.
    Gluten-free? Yes.
    Corn- and soy-free? Yes.

      How long will my Coco Libre drink keep after I open it?

      After it’s opened, refrigerate your Coco Libre drink for up to 3 days. (The sooner you enjoy it, the better the flavor and nutrition.) 

      Bucha Kombucha

      What is Kombucha? 

      Kombucha is a fermented beverage of black tea and sugar that contains a colony of bacteria.

      How many calories? 

      They range from 42-47 calories per bottle.

      What are the health benefits? 

      Probiotics, improved digestion, immune support, increased energy.

      Aspen Pure Probiotic Water

      Why Aspen Pure Probiotic?

      Strengthens Immunity Helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract
      Promotes Detoxification Known to help the body naturally detoxify
      Optimizes Digestion Supporting the digestive system function more soundly and comfortably
      Infection Protection Rhymes aside… probiotics are credited as the body’s safeguard against infecting bacteria
      Repairs Damage antibiotics often kill healthy bacteria in the body, and probiotics help to replenish that bacteria (primarily along the digest tract)
      Probiotics explained by, Gerald M. Haase, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer for New Age Beverages. Click here for article! 

      Marely Mellow Mood - Relax

      What ingredients are in the relaxation blend? 

      Mellow Mood is brewed with decaffeinated Black or Green Tea, and triple filtered to create a full-bodied, robust tea flavour.  Mellow Mood is sweetened with either Pure Cane Sugar, or Stevia.

      Chamomile Reduces anxiety.
      Hops Extract Promotes relaxation.
      Lemon  Balm Enhances mood, alertness, & calmness
      Passion Flower Reduces Anxiety.
      Valerian Root Promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

      Marely One Drop

      What is One Drop? 

      Ready-to-drink coffee made with premium Jamaican coffee blend.

      Is there dairy in one drop? 

      Yes, we use locally sourced rBHT-free, low-fat milk.

      How much caffeine is in a can? 

      They range from 52-59mg per can.