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    Choose the drinks

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    Customize your subscription with the New Age Beverages of your choice. Want to try something new? Get a free case of a new nutrition drink for two months — and it’s all part of your subscription.

    Why Subscribe?

    You’re already getting your groceries, clothes and household goods delivered to your door, so get your drinks delivered, too!

    Save Money.

    Buying your healthy beverages only when you need them — Coco Libre before a workout, Marley Mellow Mood to relax or Xing to quench your thirst — only means you’ll spend more at the store. Signing up for a subscription directly from New Age Beverages means you’ll save 10% when restocking your supply.

    Save Time.

    Going to the grocery store is a chore not many love: it takes time out of your day that you’d rather spend elsewhere. With a subscription your drinks are already at home, giving you more time to do what you love.

    Save Your Back.

    You can buy cases at the supermarket, but they can get unwieldly if you’re buying in bulk. Save yourself the strain of hoisting multiple cases into a shopping cart and your car by getting them delivered to your home.

    Savor New Flavors.

    The New Age Beverages subscription is completely flexible when it comes to picking out your cases— and with a large line of healthy beverages, there is plenty to choose from. Mix and match Marley with Xing or Búcha with Coco Libre; and when you’re ready to try a new nutrition drink, we’ll toss in a free month of a new flavor.

    Healthy Beverages. Healthy Benefits

    New Age Beverages’ brands of nutrition drinks achieve the impossible: great health with great flavor.

    Hydrate the Body.

    All of our natural nutrition drinks are high in hydration power. For ultimate hydration — especially after a grueling workout — turn to Aspen pH balanced water, Coco Libre coconut water or Búcha sparkling kombucha tea.

    Boost immunity & support digestion.

    Give your immune system a boost and support your digestive system with Aspen probiotic water, delivering 12 different strains of powerful probiotics, or Búcha kombucha tea.

    Relax Your Body.

    We brew all-natural teas to calm the mind, relax the body and nourish the soul. Feel the serenity with Marley Mate organic tea or Marley Mellow Mood herbal tea.

    Focus Your Mind.

    Gain clarity with the focusing power of Marley One Drop, a Jamaican coffee blend made to give you an instant shot of energy, or Xing natural green tea for a gentle wake-up call.

    I like all the products especially Marley Teas, Bucha and Coco Libre. All are organic. I have had a hard time finding a coconut water that actually tastes good. Coco Libre is very tasty and low cal with no added sugar. I like it all by itself. It is great in smoothies and makes a good mixer in adult beverages.”