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    Feature 'nHANCED™ Recovery to Your ERAS Protocol Today

    Wholesale pricing Available

    Prepare your patients for their surgical procedure

    Add 'nHANCED™ Recovery to Your ERAS Protocol Today

    Wholesale pricing & volume pricing available for independent clinics, hospitals and surgical institutions

    Prepare your patients for their surgical procedure

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    Choose the 'NHANCE™ ERAS beverage for your patients surgery.

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    Prepare for Surgery

    Follow the recommended Protocol

    1) 12 hours pre-surgery consume (1)-(2) 12 oz. bottle(s)

    2) 2 hours pre-surgery consume (1) 12 oz. bottle

    3) Post surgery consume (1) 12 oz. bottle

    ‘NHANCED™ Recovery is a unique, ready-to-drink beverage that meets the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and ERAS recommended guidelines. ‘NHANCED Recovery utilizes natural carbohydrate sources, phytonutrients from plant sources, and other micronutrients including electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and nucleotides. This great tasting product was developed to reduce starvation prior to surgery and enhance the surgical outcome for every patient.

    From New Age Health Science's Chief Scientific Officer,

    Gerald M. Haase, M.D. Clinical Professor of Surgery University of Colorado, School of Medicine :

    ‘NHANCED Recovery pre-operative beverage was developed specifically for ERAS protocols. This unique formulation utilizes our published tenets of antioxidant science as presented at the 2017 inaugural USA ERAS meeting in Dallas. Based on our initial pilot experience with orthopedic surgery in Michigan, I am certain that your patients’ satisfaction and outcomes will benefit. For your use and for that of your local and regional colleagues, our team has attached a scientific summary of the product development and components including an extensive reference bibliography for those that may have an academic interest. As a brief review, the clinical advantages include:

    1) natural carbohydrate sources with lower calories / glycemic index, “ prebiotic” effect and dietary fiber

    2) additional critical electrolytes to enhance hydration

    3) key vitamins and mineral co-factors for immune support

    4) antioxidants, amino acids, and phytonutrients for metabolic function

    5) caffeine-containing option to diminish “morning coffee deprived” –related pre-op headache

    In addition, ‘NHANCED Recovery is favorably priced compared to the current marketplace and has US patent filings to protect it from potential duplication by unauthorized entities. We also listened very carefully to your input relative to the beverage characteristics and how it might be accepted by your patients and professional colleagues. Therefore, this new robust product contains many beneficial nutrients and is not just a plain “water”-like drink. The current version has been modified to reduce the added sugar and potassium to very acceptable levels and removes any “sweetness” or “saltiness”. Refrigerating the beverage prior to consumption has increased patient satisfaction and made the taste profile quite pleasant especially when compared to other alternatives. An instruction to “consume chilled” will be added to future product labels. Please let me know if you or your colleagues have any other questions. I would be happy to discuss the advantages of ‘NHANCED Recovery with anyone at any time. Our goal is national standardization for the pre-op beverage component of ERAS protocols that reduces calories while improving patient comfort, metabolic and health effects and outcomes. It is the intent of this unique product to become that standard beverage. This exciting version of ‘NHANCED Recovery is now available through New Age Beverages Health Sciences Division.


    Gerald Haase

    Chief Scientific Officer


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