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    New Age Beverages Shop


    New Age Beverages Company fuels health-conscious consumers with a diversified, all-natural, functional, beverage portfolio spanning numerous product categories. A purpose-driven company, delivering healthy alternatives to consumers and empowering them to collectively participate in the growing ‘better for you’ movement



    Our diverse portfolio of brands give health-conscious consumers the great-tasting beverages they need to fuel their active lifestyles.



    Coco Libre - Coconut Water

    Coco Libre is the #1 multi-serve organic coconut water brand, with an innovative and diverse line of coconut water and sparkling coconut water drinks.  For more informaiton visit Coco Libre

    Bucha Kombucha - Real Kombucha. Unreal Taste

    Made from all natural and organic ingredients, búcha® is the best tasting kombucha on the planet. It is the only one with a clean, complex and rounded finish and no nasty vinegar aftertaste. búcha® offers a smart alternative to the other nutritionally empty sugary beverages. Your body is a temple, treat it that way, and treat it with búcha®.  For more information vist búcha®

    Marley One Drop - Savor the Moment

    Made with the finest Jamaican coffee blend, One Drop was created in partnership with Bob Marley's family to celebrate life's sweetest moments.  Marley One Drop

    Marley Mellow Mood - Relax, Naturally

    By offering you a natural and uniquely refreshing way to relax, Mellow Mood relaxation drinks help give you the clarity of mind to find your inner calm and be full present in the moment. Marley Mellow Mood

    Xing Tea - Naturally Refresh-Xing

    Born in the heart of Denver, Xing grew from a simple vision to share the healthy qualities of green tea and functionality of energy drinks without the negative effects of artificial ingredients and high-fructose corn syrup. Driven by a commitment to a maintain a ‘clean label,’ Xing delivers a natural product with non-GMO ingredients, using innovative production processes to keep the natural, preservative-free character of our products. At Xing, we pledge to give people the high-quality taste and refreshment they demand without sacrificing their commitment to natural products. Xing

    Aspen Pure - America's Finest Water 

    Aspen Pure is naturally pH balanced water, sourced in the United States.  Delivered in the only easy-grip bottle on the market, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality water imaginable to fuel the active lifestyles of our customers.  In 2017, we became the leading innovator in functional bottled water, launching Aspen Pure Probiotic. Our probiotic water is infused with over 10 BILLION live CFUs, delivering 12 different strains of probiotics to deliver optimal immunity-boosting, digestive health benefits. Aspen Pure